Monday, 27 August 2012

The Fourteenth

every second; I deny
minutes, hours; I deny
is it this time of year again?
more false statements than
New Years' Eve in
nineteen ninety nine
and i ask how

could these fools
of green, copper, and gold,
ever be exchanged for a feeling,
an abstract noun, a thing?

so send a smile my way
don't be hard on me
send some love, nothing more
and leave the plastic soldiers
in their leather jackets

fluorescent hearts in shop windows 
clich├ęd as it is; but
there's more to me than you
and more to you
than those who came before

and so the fourteenth comes again

full of poems, prose, and alliteration
soon becoming a thoughtful relationship
a disjointed, sympathetic Hallmark

so send a smile my way
and show me mercy
for while st valentine's day
slipped my mind again
a poem is better than nothing, right?

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