Thursday, 30 August 2012

The Queen's Pawn

A whirlwind romance
Bourne of tumultuous
Connections and concoctions
New lovers,
Old friends.

The first pawn was
Hesitant, one square,
Black to white – hopeful
The same pawn
Soon found his queen

Pokerfaced beginnings,
Flushed at discovery,
The two join hands together,
Their own full house,
Mr and Mrs Usher.

She the queen
leads the charge;
towards life, love,
and cliché.
Across boards of black and white
divisions designed to be broken
the grass appeared not greener, 
but sickly to him.
She, ta'en from his embrace;
the game his true love,
a cruel mistress indeed.

Lovers parted;
In a world filled with vipers
And faulty elevators.
One roll of the dice away
From bliss, completion,
And togetherness
But for now
The levels, rows, columns,
Group the heroes
With the villains
Whittling away
The false pretences
Rhetoric, a simple
“Do you have a…”

Until one remains, victorious
The twentieth question,
The twentieth year,
Brings them back together
And once again, the ones
around them feel the

whirlwind romance,
straddling worlds,
boards and bets of risk;
colours clashing and merging
allegiances broken
ill repaired,
fragmented house
no longer a home to those
who rest within the mausoleum doors

Old lovers,
New friends.

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