Thursday, 30 August 2012

Bathroom Philosophy

The next time we meet, friend;
I’ll apologize for all the things I’ve done
The agony, the angst, my selfish being
I’ll do my best to admit my flaws;
And you’ll smile and point out more

But the heart of the issue
“Where lies the blame?”
My enemies?
My friends...

Even myself...

But was I every truly

Even close to perfect?

We meet again, friend,
And just like I promised,
As I apologize for everything

You interrupt
with confrontations of your own
the same words, lips, sounds...

A smooth surface separates us,
My only friend from me
You, the one I trust,
The one who knows me better than I know myself,
Lives in another world
of opposites and fleeting glances
And corrected imprfections imperfections

These are the tangled thoughts
of the bathroom philosophy
beliefs formed under a steady stream
of steamy criticism and 
passion-scented dispute
Only to be forgotten to the world
As I drip
slowly, slowly,
back to reality

And away from the bathroom philosophy.

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